Sony A7S III 4K Original Sample Footage Download

Whenever shopping for a camera or evaluating one for a particular project, I believe it’s important to view footage from that camera locally on one’s editing computer, to evaluate image quality, compatibility, and editing performance. I’ve found that sample footage of this quality is difficult to find. With the exception of Blackmagic, no major prosumer camera maker provides sample footage for download.

So I’m uploading some footage shot for my student film with the A7S III for download. This is the original footage with no re-encoding, shot at UHD 29.97p 10-bit 4:2:2 ALL-I with the H.264 codec at 300Mbps. I’m pretty sure I had digital (“Active”) stabilization enabled in clips #1-3, and I think I turned it off for #4. I used the Sony 24-105mm f4 G lens for all of these shots. I’ve stripped metadata with ffmpeg for privacy, which required converting the audio streams from PCM to AAC (degrading audio quality somewhat), but the video streams were copied exactly.

Right-click on the links to save these clips.

Clip 1 (1.0GB, S-log2, overcast daylight)

Clip 2, (1.6GB, S-log2, Night, unsure of ISO but IIRC it was somewhere around 16,000-32,000. Scene was lit entirely with a tiny 7W LED panel just out of frame, no ambient light. It looks like 709 simply because the dynamic range of the scene was so high!)

Clip 3, (1.0GB, S-log2, overcast daylight)

Clip 4, (1.0GB, ‘Standard’, honestly no clue what ISO anymore)

You may use these clips ONLY for personal use in evaluating the Sony A7S III’s image quality.